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I care deeply for my couples.

Thats why I am going to be honest with you and go straight to the heart of couples counseling.


Couples therapy is hard work! Many couples do not want to put in the hard work. But the reality is that marriages do not build themselves, nor do they stay strong without solid maintenance. When marriage bonds break, are exploded by betrayal, abuse, neglect, or any number of wounds, their is no easy and quick fix. I'll say that again, repairing broken or decaying bonds in marriage can ONLY happen when there is committed, consistent, all in effort.

I have seen to many couples try to hurry through healing, half-assing it, wondering why their partner can't "move on or get over it." If this is your attitude or will be your attitude when your work is not over in a month or more, then I am not the therapist for you. If, after several sessions, you decide that I am the right therapist for you then I require a commitment to a specific amount of sessions over a specific time period. We will craft this together.  

couples counseling (we are not currently  accepting new couples)

traditional couples counseling

intimacy and care unleashed (icu)*

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One area I specialize in is working with couples or individuals who struggle with compulsive sexual and addictive behavioral patterns. I work to help couples or individuals restore their relationships and their lives that are damaged in the wreck and ruin of these maladaptive coping strategies.


When dealing with compulsive behavioral patterns two things are mandatory: First, that your will to heal–yourself and those you have hurt–must be more fearless than your fear of being truly seen. What does this mean? Simply said, when we feel shame about our behaviors we tend to want to flee, hide, blame, or fight back. We must be willing to put these old patterns aside. We need to push through them and face head on the hurt we have caused our loved one. Until your partner sees that they are more important than these old protective patterns zero healing will happen. Until right now we have been selfish. We have been more interested in doing what we want then facing and being present to our partners pain. I can help you and your partner move forward.


I deeply invest in the lives of my couples. I care what happens to you and I want you to heal and grow. So I will only take on couples who's actions show commitment to their work. 





intimacy and care unleashed (icu)*

ICU* is for couples who want a multiple day intensive to help create more trust, intimacy, and emotional connection.

ICU* stands for Intimacy and Care Unleashed. An ICU experience is a multi-day intensive for couples. It is not for all couples, but it is designed for couples that are 100% committed to improving their relationship or rebuilding broken trust and strengthening or reviving emotional connection and intimacy. ICU's are customized for your particular situation.

An ICU intensive is the perfect way to reboot, realign, and re-vitalize your marriage. Whether you are trying to recover from infidelity, endless arguing, feeling like you are on the brink of divorce, or just feel your relationship is emotionally dead, Intimacy and Care Unleashed (ICU) can bring new vital emotional bonding experiences to your relationship.

Marriage ICU is an intensive, personalized, and caring 2-3 day experience that supports you every step of the way with a Certified Emotionally Focused Couples trained therapist.  


can we make it?

We also offer professional evaluation in the wake of an affair or discovery of compulsive sexual behavior.

Find out what it will take to rebuild your relationship and uncover what the road ahead looks like.

can we make it
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