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FIND YOUR BEST SELF men's group 2019

A five-month physical and emotional crucible for men working to overcome Out of Control Sexual Behavior (OCSB) with the guidance of a therapeutic coaching team. Your eight to ten member cadre will have a curriculum of both psychological and physical work that will be integrated toward your personal goals.There is extreme accountability and all work must be completed. There will be no-excuses accepted and participants may not miss a any meetings. If a meeting is missed you may be asked to leave the process. We meet monthly in Lafayette, CO. 
We offer physical training by SEAL Grinder PT  to help you prepare (and you will need to prepare) for the arduous physical portion of Find Your Best Self. Patrick Prag MA LPC is the lead coach for both portions of FYBS. He is also a certified SEAL Fit Instructor. After each physical grinder session, you will debrief as a boat team and discuss the month's assignments and reflections related to your recovery from OCSB. Both halves of this program are equally important and will require your full attention and preparation every month. You will be assigned to a swim buddy from your team who you will support you–and you them– unconditionally throughout the entire six months. 

time comittment:

5 months

You may not miss any meetings and you must complete the work for that month and check in with your swim buddy.


We will meet from 3:00-7:00pm on the first Friday of every month. February 1st through June 7th, 2019.


4013 Longhorn Drive, Lafayette, CO 80026



There will be no refunds for any reason.

GEAR requirements:
physical requirements:
  • An great attitude

  • A notepad and pen

  • Any assigned homework

  • Rucksack or a day backpack capable of holding 30 pounds of gear

  • Over-the-ankle boots or lightweight hikers (must be over the ankle) and make sure they are broken in

  • 2 pairs of wool socks

  • Long pants BDU's (must be black or camo).  Here are two options: 

  • Black nylon type belt

  • 2 white t-shirts (one that will fit over layers) with your initials neatly stenciled or drawn on front and back

  • Layers for cold weather exercise, hat, gloves

  • Change of clothes

  • Head lamp and spare batteries

  • Energy gels, snacks, bars

  • Quart or liter bottle filled with water or energy drink.


As you have heard before “It’s mostly mental.” The number one best preparation is to know WHY you are entering this challenge. Your "why" must go beyond simply "overcoming OCSB."

  • Is it to strengthen or repair your marriage or relationships?

  • Shed a compulsive behavior, letting your best self control your actions?

  • Give energy to a healing process? Find post-traumatic growth rather than death?

  • Mark a new beginning? 

  • Enter a new place where you concretize who you are and what you want to be?

  • Know you are capable of reaching the end of yourself physically, emotionally, and beyond?

  • To push yourself forward and grab ahold of more than you have been living?

  • Get outside of yourself, put your team first, feel connected to something greater than yourself?

Spend time figuring this out- dig deep.

This will be critical to your success. 


For a good example, read "Invictus" by William Ernest Henley

Your mind will thank you if you do the necessary physical preparation to be at your best for this event. During training for any Find Your Best Self event, you will develop mental and emotional resilience. We are available to help you with tips for your preparation. We want you to succeed. For those who want a detailed training plan we recommend Joining Seal Grinder PT. The coaches can customize a training plan specific for a Find Your Best Self event.


By the start date in February, you should be able to do these Physical Standards:

  • 5 strict pull-ups

  • 30 sit-ups in a minute

  • Ruck 45 minutes with a 20lb pack or heavier

  • 40 consecutive push-ups in a minute

  • 40 air squats below 90 degrees in a minute


If you are unclear on any of these standards, click here. Then in the search box type the exercise you want to learn more about.  If you still have questions, contact me.

Here are several more strongly suggested supplemental exercises to help you prepare:

  • Biking

  • Swimming

  • Jogging

  • Weights

  • Circuit training

  • Lots of burpees and more burpees

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